Conquer an uncharted landscape where technology and magic collide.

In the late 1980s, a powerful beam of green energy from the outer universe rains down on Silverdale Mall late one night, where a number of supernatural events occur spawning beyond-this-world, randomised characters called, ‘Nemots’.

Players must enlist the aid of these unique creatures and monstrosities as defenders of humanity to battle against an increasingly overwhelming evil of rivals.

Save the mall. Save them all.

The Nemots TCG gameplay

Game Mechanics

Gaming is at the heart of what we do. So it only makes sense to create a fun and exciting gaming layer.

Two players compete against each other in a digital card battle that has a fighting-game layout. Each player takes turns playing their NFT cards strategically, trying to gain an advantage over the other player while their 5 - minute clock ticks down. These cards can be powerful creatures or can alter the rules and the order of turns. But once a card is on the board, it is vulnerable to damage, so players must carefully weigh their actions.

Meet the Nemots

Multiple Combinations

Season 1 offers over 50 animals, 50 items and extras plus 1.8 million Nemot combination possibilities.

Random / Non-Random Traits

Nemots possess random and predetermined traits, ranging from rarity, art, stats, mechanics, elements, and condition ratings.


Each Nemot has components related to its element plus random assets assigned when the Nemot is first created.


Nemots vary in rarity, based upon the quality of the orb used to create them.


Each creature has two random abilities based upon a combination of inanimate objects and animal energies. Each card has a third ability that remains hidden until unlocked through levelling up.

Card Condition Ratings

The quality of each card, ranging from a 1 star to a 9 star rating, deteriorates after each loss in-game. Every choice in a battle matters; every decision has weight. It’s possible to repair condition ratings, though repair components are rare.

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