Meet the Nemots


In the back room of Cooper’s Pet Shop was an enormous tank often used to keep rescued sea-life. Sea turtles, in particular, were very common since the surrounding area of Silverdale Mall had some illegal practitioners of the tortoise shell trade that was recently banned in the 1970s. Such it was with one lucky sea turtle, Erma, who swam around the small confines of the tank as she awaited transport to a reserve. The incident happened that night, however. The energy fused Erma with a purple kite, allowing her to fly up and out of the tank. She screamed with excitement as she flew through the mall, the air lifting her higher and higher. The string dragged along the ground, eventually catching on a table and bringing Erma crashing down, right on top of a group of Nemots. They angrily surrounded her as she apologized profusely. They lunged at her rapidly, but she managed to regain her aerial positioning above them and swooped in a few times. Now she knew that her new gift was at its best to avoid some confrontations and swoop in for an attack. Of course, she always apologizes after each attack as it’s the polite thing to do.

Ricky’s small food stand is like an island off the coast of the continent known as Silverdale Food Court. It is there that Ricky, for a few hours a day, thrusts hotdogs on a stick into cornmeal and deep fries them into oblivion making his illustrious ‘CornyDogs.’ When he is open, there’s a modest line of kids, hopping out briefly from the arcade, to eat the buttery, oily concoctions. Often, Ricky saves one of the corndogs for himself to have at the end of the day and sometimes, though not often, Ricky will forget and leave one overnight on the stand for which mice are thankful. The incident happened on one such night Ricky’s delicious corndog fused with Felgrove, a lovable but dumb dog who Cooper’s Pet Shop was finding it difficult to sale. You see Felgrove, in his love of food, had a tendency to be rambunctious during feedings, knocking over the kid handing him a treat, biting the hand of a trainer attempting to train him in etiquette, or even sometimes breaking free and stealing food from the Food Court. So naturally, whatever the cause of this energy, the fact that Felgrove now WAS a food he would often snatch up and eat had a tinge of irony to it. As he acclimated himself to his new, peculiar shape, Felgrove heard the growl of the territorial Scottish terrier Class. He knew now he would have to fight for his life. And fight he would.

The Taco Stop was one of the few locations in the Silverdale Mall that had its own seating. This was primarily due to the complaints of the mall custodial staff that the taco meat, often dropped onto the floor during consumption, was a toxic hazard when mixed with cleaning product. Patrons didn’t seem to care about the meat quality, but most importantly, Val, a stray tabby cat, was obsessed with the tacos. And it was that very evening that Val suddenly became what Val ate most: a taco-bodied cat. A tacocat. Val jumped onto a counter and looked across the food court. In the chaos emerging, she heard frightened animal sounds and faint human chatter in the distance. But in front of her, some strange lifeform stood and slowly turned, guttural sounds emanating from it. Before she caught a glimpse of it, a crystal surrounded her and froze her in place. But she still witnessed the creature and prepared to warn anyone, if ever she escaped.

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